Francesca Barbarani works alone, designing her creations with passion in a small goldsmith’s workshop in Viareggio.

Her tools are those of any other craftsman’s workshop, but the attention she puts into cleaning and storing them in optimal conditions reveals her love and absolute respect for this work.

It is in his own workshop that the craftsman becomes an artist, putting his practical knowledge at the service of art.

The phase of conception of the jewel is fundamental: every object is born from an intuition, from an abstract thought; it is only afterwards that the pragmatism of the craftsman turns the idea into reality.

The search for shapes and materials, combined with the manual work of the goldsmith craftsman, transform pure metal into an object of art.

Each object is born from the desire to bring out that confused and indefinite energy, which leaves no room for anything else: giving shape to the idea is something crucial, responding to a primary, inner need to communicate one’s own emotions, otherwise left unexpressed.

The first image of the object is born in the mind of the goldsmith, who at the same time feels the need to leave a trace on paper of that very thought: drawing is essential.

Touching gold, silver, metal or any other material makes the goldsmith take possession of colours and smells of the chosen material and make it his own. It is at that exact moment that he has a vision of the end result.

Technique and art merge, through all the pieces, creating what is called a contemporary jewel. It is the interpretation of the classic jewel in a modern key, with the use of different goldsmith techniques.