Always an art lover and passionate about applied arts, in 2000 she decided to study at the Florentine school “le Arti Orafe“, where she learned the techniques of metalworking and embedding.

In 2003, thanks to the meeting with the master first and friend then Giovanni Corvaja, during a course on granulation, she learns the privilege of working with precious materials.

Her way of thinking jewellery, her way of approaching the precious metal undergoes a radical change: the jewel is transformed into a unique and unrepeatable object of art.

Francesca Barbarani works alone, passionately designing her creations in a small goldsmith’s workshop in Viareggio, Via Fratti 151, where her careful curiosity leads her to experiment with new techniques and jump into new interesting collaborations.


Rai 3 “Officina Italia”, No War Factory

First prize with the jewel made for the contest "I sogni di Leonardo" inside the Mostra dell'Artigianato in Florence

collaboration with Luca Gnizio for the creation of a jewel inspired by Gabriele d'Annunzio which will be permanently exhibited at the Vittoriale, on a project by Giordano Bruni Guerri


production of the "selvaggio 2018" award assigned to Mario Cardinali, founder and director of Il Vernacoliere

2nd Prize "Gioiello di Primavera" at the Mostra dell'Artigianato in Florence


Start of collaboration with No War Factory


collaboration with Lorenzo Malfatti for the creation of a necklace for the film Colpo d'occhio by Sergio Rubini


participation in the 1st edition of the Mostra d'Arte Orafa "Versilia Arte Oro"


exhibit of a jewel at the Sztuki W Legnicy Gallery


in the context of Hommages, an initiative promoted by Signity and Swarovski, a jewel made by Ferrante Gioielliere

publication in the number 155 of Arte Y Yoga

published in issue 9 of L'orafo italiano


goldsmith arts school