Imagination creates surreal worlds in which spring gives birth to flowers built from petals of wings:

wings become petals which can fly freely.

Three jewels tell a story of liberation:

The brooch represents the bud, the spermatozoon, the beginning of life which already contains an embryo of golden freedom; the ample, spectacular necklace, composed of a blossomed flower, represents the fullness of spring in adolescence; the earrings composed only of a pair of gold wings, represent the essentiality of autumn-old age:

the liberated flight needs only the essentials.


The human body has always been a source of profound inspiration and consideration.

The bodies are stretched, contracted, distorted in the hands of the craftsman who shapes metal following the instinct and beauty of the forms.


The thread unites, connects, saves, creates nests and vine textures.

The wire traps, imprisons, creates cages and superstructures.

Balance is hanging on thin threads.

Ab Ovo

The egg is a primordial form, it is an embryo of life, protection and prison.


The clean, surgical cut reveals the throbbing depth of human interiority.

Cutting cuts, kills and saves life and mind.

Anello cinetico

The fascination of continuous human change inspires this ring that breathes, contracts and relaxes in the hands of the wearer.

Fitomorfismi - De rerum natura

The observation of nature through a magnifying glass captures the balance of a divine project.

Gioielli con pietre

The careful selection of stones gives rise to jewels that are unique in shape and color.

Naturally imperfect stones blend in sometimes rigorous geometries, sometimes in organic forms.

Stones and crystals have a peculiar vital energy that is transmitted and released to those who touch or wear them.