Francesca Barbarani

Art Jewellery

Always an art lover and a lover of applied arts, in 2000 she decided to enrol in the Florentine school “le Arti Orafe“, where she learned the techniques of metalworking and embedding.

It is in 2003 that, thanks to the meeting with the master first and a friend later Giovanni Corvaja, during a course on granulation, she understood the privilege of working with precious materials.

Her way of thinking jewellery, her way of approaching the precious metal underwent a radical change: the jewel becomes a unique and unrepeatable object of art.

Francesca Barbarani works alone, designing her creations with passion in a small goldsmith’s workshop in Viareggio, Via Fratti 151.

She is attentive to new trends, with a curiosity which leads her to experiment new techniques and to throw herself into new interesting collaborations.